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Accessible Science | Inclusive Media Education for Diverse Societies

On 11 and 12 November 2021, CICANT marked a strong presence in the workshop "Inclusive Media Education for Diverse Societies", organised in a hybrid model by the University of Groningen.

Responding to the effort of making science more open and accessible to everyone, the workshop included illustrations of the different activities. Thus, all people, regardless of their scientific literacy, could learn more about the importance of media education in promoting diversity.

Here, you will be able to consult the materials prepared:

Keynote Speaker - The need for a diversity of voices in media (literacy) studies

Maria José Brites, Lusófona University, CICANT


Groningen A Keynote 1000


Panel 1: Rethinking media education in diverse societies

Media Literacy Research and Children in Special Education: notes from a Systematic Literature Review

Carla Sousa and Conceição Costa, Lusófona University, CICANT


Digital Storytelling, Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue in the project “AfricanEuropean Narratives”

Maria Teresa Cruz and Madalena Miranda, NOVA University of Lisbon (UNL)


The difficulty of dealing with difference: How the informal curriculum of media reinforce and construct convivial ideals about diverse society

Camilla Haavisto, University of Helsinki

Avanti Chajed, Columbia University

Rasmus Kyllönen, University of Helsinki


Transforming “fake news” into pedagogic resources? On the ongoing work of the project CoMMiTTEd: Covid, Migrants and Minorities in Teacher Education

Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer and Helena Dedecek Gertz, University of Hamburg


Groningen Panel B 1000


Panel 2: Reflections from the field

Inclusiveness through media education - The case of SMaRT-EU intergenerational workshops

Ana F. Oliveira, University of Minho, CECS

Carla Cerqueira and Maria José Brites, Lusófona University, CICANT, Portugal


Supporting the Voice of Disadvantaged Youth through Media and Digital Literacy Education at Czech Vocational Schools

Lucie Römer, Charles University, Prague


Learning experiences in gaming; the case study of young refugees without family in Norway

Gilda Seddighi and Hilde G. Corneliussen, Western Norway Research Institute


Children as Cosmopolitan Citizens: Reproducing and Challenging Cultural Hegemony

Marketa Supa and Vojtěch Hodbo, Charles University, Prague


Groningen Panel C 1000


Panel 3: Curriculum development & innovative pedagogical practices


Using comics as an educational tool for media literacy for marginalised groups

Lida Tsene, Open University of Cyprus


Intercultural Media Education in the Context of the Diverse Classroom. A Participatory

Action Research in Germany

Çigdem Bozdag, University of Groningen, the Netherlands & University of Bremen


Towards a Liberatory Game Design Education via Dialogue, Historical Engagement, and Media Literacy

Amy Corron, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rebecca Rouse, University of Skövde


Teaching media and cultural literacies with an online platform: the case of Estonian and Russian students working with History on Screen

Maarja Ojamaa, Tartu University


Groningen Panel D 1000


Illustrations: Renée van den Kerkhof




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