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Universidade Lusófona

Crescine results presented at NECS 2024 Conference

As part of the Crescine project (Horizon Europe), CICANT and FilmEU researcher André Rui Graça took part in the NECS 2024 conference in Izmir, Turkey. The work "Consumption of Film and Audio-Visual Content in Portugal: audiences' perception and preferences concerning the SVOD market", co-authored by André Rui Graça together with researchers Manuel José Damásio and Rita Grácio, focused on the results of a study aimed at audiences and their preferences in Portugal.

The NECS conference is a reference for academics from all over Europe who study film and media. In addition, on behalf of Lusófona University and as a member of the NECS Steering Committee, André Graça announced that the 2025 NECS conference will take place at Lusófona University - Lisbon University Centre, from June 18 to 21.


  • published 03 July 2024
  • modified 03 July 2024