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Universidade Lusófona

Lunch with Science

The Lunch with Science (LwS) is a monthly initiative that promotes the meeting between integrated researchers and PhD students, stimulating the exchange of experiences and the presentation of individual projects and research teams, promoting, on the one hand, the integration of PhD students in the Centre's activities and, on the other hand, the reinforcement of synergies between the different disciplinary areas working at CICANT.


Restart Europe (2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000033726)
MeDeMAP - Mapping Media for Future Democracies (Horizon Europe no. 101094984)

Rita Grácio

Nuno Cintra Torres & Tatiana Chervyakova

November 29 The podcast as a tool to science communication tool

Vanessa Rodrigues & Ana Sofia Pereira

Débora Ráda & Raquel Batista

December 13 Early Career Scholara group presentation Carla Sousa, Ana Filipa Oliveira, Cátia Casimiro & Margarida Maneta

*To be confirmed


January 3 Crescine (Horizon Europe no. 101094988) *TbC 
January 10 FCT Evaluation - Team brainstorming *TbC
January 24 Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation - EEAD (101081359)
Comsus (KA220-HED-B927)

José Paulo Oliveira

Timóteo Rodrigues

February 7 CICANT Evaluation *TbC
February 28 PHD students - best of thesis proposals *TbC
March 13 FilmEU events/Opportunities (presentation and discussion FilmEU programme and calls 2024) *TbC
April 17 Lusófona University IP Policy and CICANT data management policies and open science approach *TbC
April 24 Presentation CICANT seed funding projects *TbC 
May 8 Presentation LABS - ongoing works and projects *TbC 
May 29 Presentation best paper/presentation award CICANT *TbC 
June 12 FilmEU Summit/Exhibition *TbC 
June 26 Plan of activities 2024/2025  CICANT Board
July 3 Yearly feedback - challenges & opportunities CICANT Board 

*To be confirmed

Past activities


January 19 Let's get Animated! - REAnima EMJD presentation and other projects from the Animation team *TbC
February 16 What's up with the labs? Lab Coordinators
  • Movelab - Filipe LUz/João Abrantes
  • Early Visual Lab - Victor Flores
  • MeLCi Lab - Maria José Brites
March 23 Sound and Music - presentations from the Sound Sciences team of Researchers *TbC
April 20 Marketing & Design - meet the researchers and their projects *TbC
May 18 FilmEU & the European Universities Initiative Manuel José Damásio & Sandra Rocha
June 22 Overview on CICANT ongoing European projects *TbC
July 20 Presentation of ILIND/CICANT Exploratory Projects 2021 *TbC

*To be confirmed


September 15 Presentation of CICANT Exploratory Projects - 2020

Researcher Project: IM Lab (Intersectionality Media Lab) - The Joacine Katar Moreira Case Study
PI: Carla Rodrigues Cardoso
Team: Alexandra Barradas (PhD Student) Anna Ragasová (PhD Student),, Carla Cerqueira, Carla Martins; Sónia Lamy

Student Project: 360 Refugees - the challenges of sheltering
PI: Marina Vasques Oliveto

October 13 Welcoming Session to new PhD Students  
November 17 CICANT Scientific Journals *TbC
December 15 Team open discussion on the Centre Activities  

*To be confirmed