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Universidade Lusófona

Research project FRAME[SCAPES] launches website

Hugo Barata and Júlio Alves, CICANT collaborator researchers, launched the website, a website in motion, online base structure for the research project FRAME[scapes]. This website wants not just to become a support for publication and visualization, but closer to an object or space, like a virtual gallery, seeking not only to pose new questions but to introduce a new dimension developing the relationship with the constant presence of the images produced. This home base aims to design pedagogical and educational material so that it can be used as a teaching tool at universities and as material for future investigations. The researchers want to materialize a set of film essays, carried out by other researchers and by guests under supervision, according to a philosophical and poetic point of view, commenting on the present. A scenario is proposed between technological globalization and the imaginative landscape of geocinematism. The structure is multidimensional, encompassing different areas of investigation (cinema, visual arts, media theory, and communication).






  • published 02 December 2022
  • modified 03 October 2023