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Universidade Lusófona

MelCi Lab resumes training sessions

MelCi Lab - Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab is organizing an online training session on Scientific Writing. The session will take place on March 7th, between 6.30pm and 8pm, and will be led by CICANT researcher and MelCi lab member Rita Grácio.

This session is part of MelCi's regular programme and is organised jointly with Universidade Lusófona's Master in Media and Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship. This proposal arises from the connection of MeLCi Lab's work, and the importance of stimulating academic writing in a key moment for the Master's students - now producing their thesis. Thus, the workshop will focus on theoretical reflections around scientific writing, having a marked practical component to put the learnings into practice.

About MelCi

The MeLCi Lab – Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab is a laboratory of CICANT – Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies. The primary mission of MeLCi Lab is to aggregate researchers and the research done at CICANT in the field of media education, civic cultures and digital citizenship in connection with everyday life in today’s deep mediatized and digitized society.

Besides, MeLCi Lab also aims to track research, researchers, entities and institutions that, in Portugal and abroad, work in the field of media education and civic cultures.

During the month of February, MelCi interviewed some members of the team. You can read here the interview with Daniel Cardoso and here the one with Ana Filipa Oliveira.






  • published 06 March 2023
  • modified 05 April 2023