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Universidade Lusófona


Laboratory of Technologies for Interactions and Interfaces

 The acronym focuses on the integration of the two major trends: The living and the simulated Movement in an atmosphere of interactive team work. A cross disciplinary empowerment, whose mission is to develop and improve the core technologies for comprehensive computational animation and human and animal motion modelling, always in the interaction with other scientific areas of CICANT, other ULHT Faculties, and international collaborations.

Working with and within other scientific areas on 3D models for visualization and mechanical analysis based on data from technologies of high-speed motion capture and support dynamometry, MovLab's mission is the promotion of interdisciplinary knowledge. MovLab has strong experience in movement research for health and education, due to their expertise in cross areas of interests (Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, Sports, Programming, Databases, Animation, Film, and Games) and to the practice expanded on several R&D projects.