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Universidade Lusófona


Project Reference

957777 on the AMIF Action Grant Program

Start / End

01/12/2020 - 30/11/2022

Funding (Total)


Funding Programme

AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund/ European Commission


Past Projects

Leading Partner

Storytelling Centre (Netherlands)

CESIE (Italy)

CSI (Cyprus)

Eurotraining (Greece)

COFAC/Lusofona University (Portugal)

Symplexis (Greece)

Fundacion Cibervoluntarios (Spain)

VSI Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)

BildungsLAB (Austria)

DIGIMI - DIGItal storytelling for Migrant Integration

The project DIGIMI (DIGItal storytelling for Migrant Integration) has as key objective the involvement of the local community to facilitate social integration for migrants through volunteering activities to provide support to third-country nationals in areas such as knowledge of the new local environment, “ways, customs and habits” of the new society as well as understanding of the latter through digitally narrated stories. Storytelling regarding present and past recollections, interests and hopes is associated with coping mechanisms, and recently arrived third-country nationals can exchange, compare and combine their stories with those of long established migrants and local populations in the affected partner communities.