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Digital Games for Media and Information Literacy

Project Reference


Start / End

01/05/2015 – 31/08/2018

Funding (Total)


Funding Programme

Erasmus +

Leading Partner

Conceição Costa (Universidade Lusófona)

University of Texas at Austin

Universidade de Aveiro

Fundação PT (atual Fundação Altice)

There is a widespread consensus that “the promotion and improvement of media literacy in children and adults, is increasingly important in the digital media convergence context and a highly complex media ecology” (Livingstone, Bulger & Zaborowski, 2013, p 4; . Hobbs , 2008, p 431).

In Portugal, the media education policies are available; schools now have computers with internet access and a guidelines document for Media Education was launched in 2015 by the General Directorate of Education. However, there is lack of teacher training and systematization of good practices in formal and non-formal learning contexts (Costa, Jorge, & Pereira, 2014).

General objective:

Develop critical and participatory dimensions of media literacy in young people from 9 to 12 years, through collaborative learning experiences with digital games.

 Specific objectives:

  •  Create the conditions for the construction of digital games in the context of learning activities at school;
  •  Promote technical and socio-cultural skills in digital security area, which encourage a sustainable way to self management of digital identities;
  •  Promote collaboration in learning through the use of a social network platform work – SAPO Campus

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