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CICANT organises webinars on media literacy, disinformation and digital activism

As part of the Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation (EEAD) project (Project reference - 101081359), CICANT will be holding two webinars between September and October. The first will take place on 25 September at 4pm (WEST). The webinar entitled "Political and civic empowerment - community experiences" will feature two speakers who will share their experiences of empowering audiences from various social backgrounds. Andreia Martins from Associação CoolPolitics/Democracia do Bem Comum shares the experience of the Democracia do Bem Comum [Common Good] project, an initiative focused on promoting the democratic and civic spirit and engagement of young audiences from their local contexts and experiences. Alexandre Venceslau from Rádio Sintoniza-T brings with him the experience of a community development radio station that aims at integrating migrant communities and empowering them in the face of citizenship engagemnet, disinformation and media education. 

The second webinar will take place on 24 October at 4pm (CET) and will feature Asenya Dimitrova (EuroAdvance) and Maia Mazurkiewicz (Alliance4Europe), members of NGOs that have been working to empower European citizens in the face of disinformation and to develop tools for the early detection of disinformation content.

The webinars are free but require prior registration. Register for the second webinar here.

About EEAD

With the advance of technology and the proliferation of mass digital communication resources such as social networks and smartphones, the speed of information distribution and consumption has increased significantly, becoming a favourable medium for the spread of disinformation on a global scale. The "Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation" (EEAD) project (Project reference - 101081359) aims to increase civic and democratic engagement by providing citizens with the necessary media literacy skills to build resilience to disinformation, with a strong focus on strengthening civil society, namely those living in situations of social vulnerability. Promoting citizen empowerment and involvement in civic and democratic life in an active way through measures against disinformation becomes a means to raise awareness of tactics to act against disinformation and increase the transnational network of civic activism.  

Read more here. Visit the project website.



  • published 19 September 2023
  • modified 21 October 2023