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Universidade Lusófona

More than 70 researchers at ECREA's Audience section conference

Between 12 and 14 September, the conference "Disrupted or disruptive audiences? From reception to participation in a post-truth era" brought together more than 70 researchers from different countries at Lusófona University - Porto University Center. Organised by ECREA's thematic section of Audience and Reception Studies, in collaboration with SOPCOM's Publics and Audiences WG, Lusófona University/CICANT and NOVA University/ICNOVA, the event sought to promote a discussion focused on the challenges surrounding the area in a digital environment that is dataficated and deeply marked by the impact of algorithms. 

The plenary session included Cristina Ponte (NOVA University), Kim Christian Schrøder (Roskilde University) and Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics and Political Science), who presented a set of reflections on the nature and uses of audience studies.

More than 50 papers were presented in the 8 parallel sessions. The programme also included a panel dedicated to a Special Issue, a meeting of sections' members and another to bring together young researchers in the field (YECREA).

Several CICANT researchers were part of the conference programme, presenting their work in progress.

Papers presented

Disrupted grief? Dynamics of online grief practices in Facebook groups - Ionara Silva, Ana Jorge

YouNDigital: Young audiences’ blurring the lines between continuities and disruptions in news’ consumption in Portugal - Margarida Maneta, Teresa Sofia Castro, Mariana Müller

YouNDigital: digital tools for researching young audiences and their diversity - Ana Filipa Oliveira, Carla Patricia Sousa

 Recap some moments of the event.

  • published 20 September 2023
  • modified 18 October 2023