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No Barriers Project WP2 Meeting

On the 08th of September partners of the project No Barriers to Employment (2022-1-SE01-KA220-ADU-000089826) met online for the first meeting fully dedicated to the second work package (WP2). Overall, this project aims to facilitate the inclusion of people with Intellectual Disability (pwID) through the identification of the barriers that they face while looking for employment.

In the WP2, which the Lusófona team is responsible for, the objectives are to collect data about the working life of the pwID in each partner’s country and about the skills and teaching methods required in the vocational training of pwID, so that is possible to create a training of which the partners will pilot test in the first transnational meeting that will happen on the 30th of October – 1st of November in Lisbon (Portugal).

The work developed in the WP2 will result in a guidebook that will serve as a source for the training program and employment model to be developed.

About the project

No Barriers aims to research and facilitate the inclusion of individuals with intellectual disabilities in multi-sectoral employment, focusing on the development and implementation of social inclusion policies. Recognizing that disability contributes to social exclusion, the project seeks to address barriers that prevent intellectually disabled individuals from engaging in social relations, cultural and social activities, education, accessing basic services, and participating in the economic field.

Know more about the project here.


No barriers WP2 online meeting 1

  • published 22 September 2023
  • modified 04 October 2023