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Tertúlias Itinerantes: CICANT joins initiative focused on intercultural debate in the Portuguese-speaking world

Tertúlias Itinerantes [Itinerant Talks], event which promoted debate on interculturality in the Portuguese-speaking world in Maputo between August 2016 and March 2020, are returning to the Mozambican capital in the last four months of 2023. Interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic, for almost five years the Tertúlias Itinerantes presented a programme of monthly talks, animated by Mozambican, Portuguese, Brazilian and Italian experts. Sharing their knowledge and experience with their audiences on topics related to the complex coexistence within the Portuguese-speaking cultural community, these experts have tackled issues such as the coexistence of Portuguese and national languages in Mozambique, the tension between local cultures and global culture, or decoloniality in intercultural relations in the geocultural space of the Portuguese language.

The initiative will return this September, with sessions planned at various cultural venues in Maputo by its usual promoters: Eduardo Lichuge (ECARTE - Eduardo Mondlane University), Lurdes Macedo (ULusófona and CICANT), Mário Forjaz Secca (Instituto Superior de Transportes e Comunicações) and Sara Jona Laisse (Catholic University of Maputo). CICANT has now officially joined the initiative.

The programme for this return of the Tertúlias Itinerantes begins on 27 September at 6pm at the Camões - Portuguese Cultural Centre in Maputo, where Eugénio Santana will launch the debate on Xico Nhoca and Nhoca Jr. and the views of these iconic Mozambican comic characters on the past and present. The discussion will be moderated by Sarita Monjane Henrikson. Join the Zoom session here

In October, on the 25th, also at 6pm, Matilde Muocha will share her point of view on "Cultural and creative industries in Mozambique: utopia and reality", at the Guimarães Rosa Cultural Centre. Mário Forjaz Secca will moderate.

The last talk is scheduled for the 29 November, also at 6pm, and it will count with Augusto Jone, who will talk about "Bilingual teaching and the multicultural training of teachers in Mozambique". This last meeting, which will take place at the Casa do Professor, will be moderated by Aissa Mithá Isaak.

The talks can be followed online. The link for remote participation will be shared in the days before each meeting, via the Itinerant Meetings social networks and CICANT's channels.

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  • published 25 September 2023
  • modified 18 October 2023