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III MelCi Lab Autumn School - "Science Bootcamp to Boost Your Research Hands-On Skills"

The third edition of the Autumn School promoted by MeLCi Lab (Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab) brought together PhD students and young professionals in the field of scientific research from different countries and backgrounds, such as Romania, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. Under the theme "Science Boot Camp to Boost Your Research Hands-On Skills", the school took place from 7 to 10 November 2023 and was centred on a collaborative dynamic.
The Autumn School featured interventions by experts and promoted debates on different theories and methodological approaches. Invited keynotes were Ana Marta Flores (ICNOVA/University of Coimbra), Casey Fiesler (University of Colorado Boulder), Katherine E. McDonald (Syracuse University), Kim Christian Schrøder (Roskilde University) and Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam).

The topics covered were varied, including digital citizenship, civic cultures and social networks, the integration of big data and small data methodologies, civic cultures and artificial intelligence, civic cultures and algorithmic mediation, media literacy, art-based research, datification and ethics in scientific research.

The third edition of the Autumn School was the result of a partnership between four CICANT research projects: DEBAQI - Factors for promoting healthy dialogue in online school communities (DSAIPA/DS/0102/2019), [GameIN] - Games Inclusion Lab: Participatory Media Creation Processes for Accessibility (2022. 07939.PTDC), FEMglocal - Glocal feminist movements: interactions and contradictions (PTDC/COM-CSS/4049/2021), YouNDigital - Young people, news and digital citizenship (PTDC/COM-OUT/0243/2021) and ALQI: an intelligent chatbot to support algorithmic literacy (Seed Funding ILIND).

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  • published 27 October 2023
  • modified 15 November 2023