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"Balada do Condado Laranja" - Catarina Patrício exhibits at the National Museum of Contemporary Art

Researcher Catarina Patrício will be exhibiting a number of her works at the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition, entitled "Balada do Condado Laranja", brings together drawings and visual poems, and is curated by Emília Ferreira, the Museum's director.

An analyst of the visual forms of the world, with a particular penchant for revealing them through cinema, Catarina Patrício approaches drawing in an eminently technical way, without, however, evading the emotional, narrative aspects to which the choice of frames and the new montages (superimpositions, inventions, intersections of images and words) invite us.

The exhibition opened on 16 November at 6pm and runs until 7 January.

More information is available here:



  • published 27 October 2023
  • modified 17 November 2023