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Universidade Lusófona

Networked Voices final seminar at Porto University Center

The closing seminar of the project "Networked Voices: Women's participation in development processes" (COFAC/ILIND/CICANT/1/2021) took place on 27 October 2023 at Universidade Lusófona - Porto University Center. The day was marked by the presentation of research results and discussion with the various stakeholders involved throughout the project.

In the first part of the morning, the participation of women in development processes was discussed, with interventions by Lurdes Macedo, Teresa Pouzada, Raquel Gomes and Maria da Saúde Inácio, crossing the research dimension with experiences in the field. The seminar participants then met for the first group discussion of the day, organised by Carlota Quintão. The session focused on the specificities of working in the field of development.

In the afternoon, the Netoworked Voices Podcast was presented by Raquel Batista and Débora Radanovitsck, researchers responsible for the production. The second group dynamic delved into the theme of reconciling professional, family and personal life. The session was led by Cláudia Múrias.

The second panel of the day addressed Gender Equality, Public Policies vs. Practices in Real Context, and counted with interventions from Carla Cerqueira, Manuel Albano and Alexandra Silva. The closing session was conducted by the project consultants Helena Santos and Cristina Parente, who announced the creation of a collaborative working network.


About the project

The project "Vozes em Rede: Participação de mulheres em processos de desenvolvimento" aims to understand and discuss women's involvement in local development processes in Portugal, linking their intervention with local communities to the social impact of that intervention.

It is grounded in a concept of development that considers the different geographical, economic, and social contexts of the country, as inequalities have distinct origins and generate different impacts.

This project relies on a research-action methodology, triangulating knowledge production with on-the-ground action and training, involving stakeholders connected to the development sphere in Portugal.

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  • published 27 October 2023
  • modified 20 November 2023