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YouNDigital newsroom launch: Journalism, Freedom and Human Rights in debate

"Journalism, Freedom and Human Rights" is the motto for the launch of the YouNDigital online newsroom. Three hybrid sessions will occur on 19 February (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon) and 20 February (Universidade Lusófona,  Porto). This initiative will bring together national and international journalists, young people, university students, researchers and people interested in the subject.

The session on 19 February will be held as part of the News and Interview Laboratory course, unit taught by Professor and YouNDigital Marisa Torres da Silva, who will be joined by Rita Murtinho (Portugal), a freelance journalist with a master's degree in Journalism, who was part of SIC's Grande Reportagem team and currently works for RTP. Vitor Tomé (Portugal), professor, journalist and YouNDigital consultant (Portugal) will also join them. You can join the session from 2 pm onwards via in Zoom.

At Porto, two sessions are scheduled for the 20th of February. The sessions will be held in the morning and in the afternoon in the context of the Transmedia and Hybrid Narratives curricular unit, taught by professor and journalist Vanessa Ribeiro-Rodrigues. The session will take place in person at Lusófona University's Noble Room and via Zoom.

In the morning, editorial staff members will speak, including Alexandra de Sousa Ribeiro (Portugal), who has a degree in Communication Sciences and is an author, and journalism students from Universidade Lusófona and the University of Saint Joseph (Macau). Afterwards, journalists Miguel Midões (Portugal) and Maimuna Bari (Guinea-Bissau) will share their experiences in the context of journalistic practice, namely attempts to block press freedom, the instrumentalisation of journalists by local authorities and the role of journalism in promoting freedom of thought and human rights.

In the afternoon (from 2.30 pm onwards), in addition to journalist Miguel Midões, the session will welcome Andréia Peres (Brazil), a journalist from Cross Content in Brazil and a columnist for Veja magazine, who specialises in covering social justice and human rights issues.

The sessions are free and open to the general community.

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  • published 09 February 2024
  • modified 09 February 2024