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Read Twice final conference: Disinformation in the European Parliament Elections

On 21 February, the pan-European Read Twice project (R2) community will gather at the European Parliament in Brussels from 1.30pm to 6pm to take part in the "Read Twice, Don't Repeat Lies!" conference. The event, organised by the Euro Advance Association in collaboration with MEP Asim Ademov of the European People's Party, is of free attendance (with registration) and aims to discuss and tackle the spread of disinformation in the upcoming European Parliament elections, scheduled for June this year.

The event will be attended by representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission, who will share their personal experiences of dealing with fake news and discuss strategies to combat disinformation. Among them are Asim Ademov and Andrey Kovachev, members of the European Parliament who have been victims of fake news.

In addition, Harry Panagopulos, Legal and Policy Officer at the European Commission's Justice and Consumers DG, will present the initiatives underway to combat propaganda and disinformation in the European Union's digital and communication media.

A significant part of the event will be dedicated to the voice of European youth. Nine young media professionals from countries with low media literacy, such as Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia, will share their experiences and reflections on the impact of disinformation in their communities and discuss ways to strengthen resilience against this threat.

Registration for the "Read Twice, Don't Repeat Lies!" conference is free and open until 14 February here.

  • published 09 February 2024
  • modified 07 March 2024