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Universidade Lusófona

Open Call for Collaboration on the FEMglocal Documentary

The FEMglocal – Global Feminist Movements: Interactions and Contradictions research project aims to analyze global feminist movements grounded in the Portuguese context, mapping feminist activist movements in Portugal. It seeks to contribute to recovering the historical memory of the social invisibility of feminist movements in the national territory, focusing on strategies of social mobilization, communication, and media visibility.

Within the scope of FEMglocal, a documentary is currently in development, drawing inspiration from the ongoing research results and aiming to explore the history of feminisms in Portugal through an intersectional lens. 

In this regard, FEMglocal invites all individuals, activists, collectives, groups, and associations to participate in the making of this documentary by submitting photographic, graphic, video, and audio materials The project strives to foster a truly collaborative and representative process reflecting the diverse landscape of Portuguese feminisms. The ultimate goal is to craft an audiovisual document that engages the public in reflecting on the past and present of feminisms in Portugal.

FEMglocal is particularly interested in receiving two specific types of materials to enhance the richness of the documentary’s audiovisual narrative:

Feminist Archive:

  • Images, videos, posters, and audio recordings capturing feminist activist actions (both past and present) that contribute to the recovery of the memory of Portuguese feminisms.

Preparation for the Feminist Strike (8M) in 2024:

  • Recordings of meetings/actions related to the organization, in audio, video, and/or photography.
  • Sharing of posters and graphic materials associated with the preparation.
  • Photographs, videos, and/or audio documenting the behind-the-scenes of organizing this day, from putting up posters to various preparatory activities.

The project aims to incorporate the stories of all individuals into its documentary, recorded through personal cameras, mobile phones, old photos, etc. FEMglocal ensures that all submissions will be handled with the utmost respect, providing proper authorship credit.

How to Collaborate? 

Individuals interested in contributing should send their materials to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure that relevant information such as authorship, date, location, and context is included to provide the best framing for the material.

Materials that may not be included in the documentary will find a special place on the FEMglocal website, serving as a valuable repository of feminist memory in Portugal.

This research project, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) through national funds (PTDC/COM-CSS/4049/2021 / DOI 10.54499/PTDC/COM-CSS/4049/2021), is under the coordination of Carla Cerqueira (PI) and Célia Taborda (Co-PI). It is hosted by the Center for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies (CICANT) and partnered with the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (CIEG).

With your help, FEMglocal hopes to shed light on the rich and varied fabric of feminisms in Portugal. The project sincerely appreciates everyone’s valuable participation and contributions to this documentary.

  • published 06 March 2024
  • modified 15 March 2024