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Universidade Lusófona

Lusófona University successfully applies for the implementation of a Centre of Pedagogical Excellence in Film and Media Arts

The Film and Media Arts department at Lusófona University has just seen its “CECAM – Center of Excellence and Pedagogical Innovation in Cinema and Media Arts” proposal approved. This proposal was presented under the National Resilience funds call “Investment RE-C06-i07 | More Digital Impulse 04/C06-i07/2023 - Submeasure Innovation and Pedagogical Modernization in Higher Education” and deals with the setup of a center of Pedagogical Excellence in Film and Media Arts focusing on skills and competencies that extend to all areas of the arts where creativity and critical thinking play a central role.

The Centre, to be implemented in the coming three years with approximately 1M € of funding, will focus on teachers' training and the promotion of life-long-learning programs targeting industry professionals, along with the setup of “living labs” targeting the development of innovation by young creative talents. The implementation of this Centre of excellence is a natural continuation of ongoing work the University is carrying out in the context of the European University FilmEU and the Horizon research project CRESCINE, since both these initiatives have a focus on future market needs and skills gaps in the Film and Audiovisual industries in Europe.

  • published 21 March 2024
  • modified 10 April 2024