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Universidade Lusófona

The second EPIC-WE Game Jam runned from April 29th until May 2nd

With the theme "Sustainability and Biodiversity - Óbidos Lagoon", this Game Jam was an exciting fusion between video games, culture and creative industries, associating the sustainability and biodiversity of the Óbidos Lagoon, one of the natural landmarks associated with Óbidos.

With the participation of 27 students from Lusófona University and 19 students from Josefa de Óbidos School, we explored the creativity and innovation possibilities at this event.

Stay tuned for more updates about this cultural and educational adventure!

About the project

EPIC-WE introduces cultural game jams, culture- and value-sensitive game-making and games through and for culture as a novel approach to empower young people as co-creators of European culture and shapers of their own futures in society, cultural institutions (CHIs) and creative industries (CIs). The backbone of the project is the EPIC-WE helix ecosystem - a transferable framework where youth, CHIs, CIs and higher education institutions (HEIs) cooperate as actors in the ecosystem. Together EPIC-WE engage in cultural games jams to create games through and for culture inspired by cultural heritage. The framework explores the potentials of this approach as a method for strengthening European values, belonging and cultural participation. Through game-making activities, EPIC-WE will equip youth with cultural-creative imagination and competencies to face societal challenges with curiosity, creativity, agency and imagination – what we call Empowered Participation.


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  • published 01 May 2024
  • modified 02 May 2024