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Universidade Lusófona

CICANT and DNA Cascais promote workshops on gaming at the service of entrepreneurship

As part of the "GameYes: Gaming at the service of acquiring entrepreneurial skills", five workshops were held between 5th March and 2nd April, five workshops aimed at entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

The small courses, facilitated by CICANT project team (Collaborator José Paulo Oliveira, Phd Student Claudilene Perim and Integrated Researchers Paulo Lopes and Nuno Cintra Torres),  covered topics that are essential for developing skills related to entrepreneurship, such as Start-up Basics, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Communication, Negotiation and Financial Literacy.

To fulfill this stage of the project, CICANT relied on the essential partnership of DNA Cascais, which took care of all the implementation logistics, from the enrolment process to publicity, providing the space and operational support for the activities. This joint effort gave participants a valuable opportunity to interact, explore concepts, challenges and share experiences related to entrepreneurship in a collaborative and dynamic environment, encouraging the practical application of the knowledge acquired. 

The "GameYes" project is coordinated by RESET - Social Empowerment and Transformation, based in Cyprus, with the co-operation of institutions such as the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (Greece), the Lusófona University (Portugal), "Associación Con Valores" (Spain), PRISM Impresa Sociale (Italy) and PWC - Cyprus.

About GameYes

GameYES aims at enhancing entrepreneurship skills for youth, through the development of a gamified curriculum that immerses them in realistic scenarios where they have to be active agents for developing their ideas. Entrepreneurship-related skills, such as critical thinking, decision-making, leadership, collaboration, learning from failure, creativity and innovation, negotiation, etc., are among the core skills that youth will be practicing and developing throughout the gamified curriculum. 

Know more about this project here.


  • published 12 April 2024
  • modified 29 April 2024