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Jacinto Godinho wins the Luso-German Journalism Prize

This year's Luso-German Journalism Prize honoured stories about the failed coup against German democracy, the exploitation of immigrants in the Alentejo, the Soviet ghost barracks in Wünsdorf, Portugal as a destination for freedom and the founding of the PS in Germany. Jacinto Godinho, CICANT researcher, is among the award winners.

Jacinto Godinho - together with Carlos Oliveira - won the prize in the Video/Multimedia category with the RTP report "PS 50 anos: A raiz alemã", which tells the story of the founding of the Portuguese Socialist Party in Germany in 1973 and was shown as part of the party's 50th anniversary celebrations.

In this 4th edition, the Luso-German Journalism Prize honoured five journalistic works published in Portugal and Germany about the other country, with the aim of "contributing to mutual understanding between the two countries and promoting independent and professional journalism as the basis of European democracy".

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  • published 11 September 2023
  • modified 07 May 2024