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Universidade Lusófona

YouNDigital's complete webinar playlist available on YouTube

All the webinars promoted by the YouNDigital project are now available on the project's playlist on Lusófona University's YouTube channel.

Currently are available the following episodes:

  • Young adults and mobile applications: uses, contexts and perceived relevance | Inês Amaral
  • ‘News deserts’ and disinformation: perceptions, dynamics and challenges | Pedro Jerónimo
  • It's not by Accident! It's by Design: design methods in multidisciplinary collaboration | Andreia Pinto de Sousa
  • Young people and Datafication | Rita Figueiras
  • How to reach audiences? Going beyond articles and presentations | Célia Quico

To watch or rewacth the episodes, visit this link.


  • published 20 May 2024
  • modified 11 June 2024