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"Set Sail! Stay the Course!" - muSEAum last conference

On Friday, 29th April 2022, the 3rd and last conference of the project will take place at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (National Museum of Ancient Art), in Lisbon, in a hybrid format, under the title "Set Sail! Stay the Course!".

The conference will feature two renowned keynote speakers. Kirstin Drotner, University of Southern Denmark, will address topics such as new processes of engaging citizen resources as catalysts for innovation in museums, cultural citizenship design and collaboration from diverse professional and academic cultures. Lily Dìaz-Kommonen, from Aalto University, Finland. will talk about identifying action points in the museum value chain and how ICT can generate gains in operations, among them technologies and processes for display and preservation, hybrid digital spaces to promote access to display, information exchange and visitor experience, and planning for the future.

In the space dedicated to the museums of the sea project partners, lessons learned during the confinements and how the post-pandemic will be faced will be known and debated. The full programme will be available shortly.

For the past three years, CICANT (https://cicant.ulusofona.pt/) has developed the FCT-funded, three-year muSEAum research and innovation project. Due to Covid constraints, the project deadline was extended to June 2022.

Of the activities developed, we highlight the partnership with 14 museums and the establishment of a network with about 70 museums of the sea from all over the country. Two conferences were organized, two series of webinars, two books were published (PDFs available at muSEAum.pt) and numerous articles in national and international scientific journals. Unprecedented audience studies were carried out in several museums, and interactive prototypes and a museum branding model were developed.


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