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Workshop “Digital Intimacies and Emerging Adults in Southern Europe"

CICANT researcher Daniel Cardoso, with Cosimo Marco Scarcelli and Despina Chronaki are organizing the workshop “Digital Intimacies and Emerging Adults in Southern Europe", aimed for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in the following fields:

Sexual content production and consumption

Sex workers and digital platforms

Discourses about platformed sex labour

Sex industry and representations of the sexual body

Intersections of age, gender, race and sexuality

Sex work as aesthetic labour

Intimacy repertoires in public and private spaces

Social movement organizations around sex work and / or digital platforms

Debates about labour precarity and digital forms of work

Digital / online harassment connected to sex work

Censorship and regulation of the sex industry

The impact of mainstream financial companies in the pursuit of self-managed sex work

The multiple meanings of pornography, post-pornography and diversity in sexuality representation

The roles of physical media in a digital, networked, society

Porn literacies and intimate citizenship


The workshop will provide the participants the opportunity to discuss their research with the colleagues and a team of scholar experts in the field.


Submissions can be sent until the 22nd of May 2022, through the form available HERE. 

  • published 05 May 2022
  • modified 01 July 2022

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