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Universidade Lusófona

PROSECUW HUB Launched last December

Within the PROSECUW Project it was determined that one of the means to achieve a more effective and sustainable cooperation between key stakeholders in promoting the protection and safety of places of worship would be the creation of HUBs in the partner countries (Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Germany), which together would constitute a local, European and cross-sectoral network that fosters and facilitates the joint work of experts and stakeholders on this issue. PROSECUW Hubs thus aim to produce new knowledge, awareness, and develop greater capacity for action and prevention, for religious leaders, law enforcement officials, academic researchers, local NGOs and associations, municipalities and policy makers on the protection and safety of places of worship.

Last 21 December was the moment to kick off this structure led by CICANT/Lusófona University. More than 40 participants attended this important moment, including representatives of all religious communities in Portugal, representatives of the Judiciary Police, SIS and the Counter Terrorism Section. With this initiative we take the first but solid steps towards the continuous improvement of the inter-religious and inter-sector dialogue in Portugal as well as at European level, bringing together experts from various countries to discuss common problems and seek solutions that can also be effective in common.

Know more about the PROSECUW HUB initiative here.







  • published 04 January 2023
  • modified 03 October 2023