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Universidade Lusófona

Vanessa Ribeiro-Rodrigues publishes chapter in Encontros da Imagem book

CICANT researcher Vanessa Ribeiro-Rodrigues wrote, by invitation of Encontros da Imagem - Cultural Association, the 7th chapter of the book "Photography: institutions, archives, projects and training" recovering the history and memory of the International Photography and Visual Arts Festival, in Braga.

The book is edited by the Direção-Regional de Cultura do Norte and addresses the theme of Photography in the areas of safeguard, research and dissemination, with special focus on the Northern region. From the early days of photography and amateur cinema in Braga, the chapter focuses on reflecting, through oral and documentary sources, on the activist character of this festival, identifying artistic practices and respective authors and the positive impact that this event had and has, both in the promotion of a literacy for the visual arts and in the training of audiences in Portugal, and in the broad contribution to a current reflection around Photography as a cultural heritage.

The e-book is available for download here.


  • published 01 February 2023
  • modified 03 October 2023