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Universidade Lusófona

CICANT Book Series (CBS) is an initiative that aims to deepen and ease CICANT Integrated Members to publish their own research interests in the areas of intervention that are dealt with within the Center without the constraints on subject matters that, usually,  is prescribed by indexed Journals. 

 We seek for unpublished works that can contribute to clarify subjects that these broad areas contain and foster and open discussion with other researchers that are focused on similar subjects but work outside of the Centre. National collaborations are welcomed, but internationalization is a key criterion. It is also mandatory that one of the Editors of the book be an Member of CICANT, be them Integrated Researcghers, PhD Students or Collaborators.

CBS is a bi-annual edition written in Portuguese or in English, according to the submission intentions.

A Experiência Sonora: Da Linearidade à Circularidade

Editor: Luis Cláudio dos Santos Ribeiro
Foreseen Release: February 2022

Intersectionality in media, art and culture

Editor: Carla Cerqueira
Foreseen Release: January 2023

ON IMMERSIVE MEDIA - expanded essays on immersion and media

Editor: Célia Quico
Foreseen Release: January 2024