Universidade Lusófona

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2017)

Essemble - Spacial storytelling: discussing the future of cinema.

Publication: November 2017



Digital Cinema: From Platforms to Storytelling
Manuel José Damásio


Right, Left, High, Low: Narrative Strategies For Non–Linear Storytelling
Sylke Rene Meyer

Molding the Audience: On the Genesis of Effect in Audiovisual Discourse
Ivan Marino

Ventura: A Character’s Mental Landscape as History
Edmundo Cordeiro

Where Good Old Cinema Narratives and New Media Collide
Natália Fábics

Multi-Task Cinema, Or a “Whatever Style”
Paulo Viveiros

The Importance of Digital Filmmaking and How it Affects Education in Filmschools
Simone Stewens

Cinematography in Cinema: Relationship Between Teaching Contexts And Its Application
Tony Costa

Reflexive Perplexities: The Virtual Camera in ‘She’s Not There’
Peter Moyes, Louise Harvey

Memories in Decay: 360º Spatio-Temporal Explorations of the Past
Brecht Debackere

Full issue available here.


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