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Universidade Lusófona

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2019)

Truth of Matter: Process and perception in expanded animation practice.

Publication: December 2019



Truth of Matter
Birgitta Hosea, Pedro Serrazina, Tereza Stehlikova

Full Papers

Animating Poetry: Whose line is It anyway? Creation & critique of shared language in poetry animation
Susan Hanna

Re-animating Ghosts: Materiality and memory in hauntological appropriation
Michael Peter Schofield

“VAST/O”: Exploring the use of expanded animation for a shared physical understanding of spatial phobias
Natalie Woolf, Carolina Martins

Cornish Knitting Pattern Series
Jennifer Nightingale

Faithfully Animating the Truth: Some experiences of a women’s collective
Terry Wragg

Process & Temporality: Chance & (Al)chemical Traces invigorating Materiality & Content in the films of Péter Forgács, Penny Siopis and Ben Rivers
Patti Gaal-Holmes

 Full issue available here.