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Universidade Lusófona

Vol. 6 No. 3 (2021)

Special Issue Ecstatic Truth V, The Age of the Absurd - Documentary animation practices that reimagine our world.

Publication: December 2021


Pedro Serrazina 

The same as It ever was ….? A Chance for Creating New Qualities in our Exchanges
Holger Lang

Hitting Where It Hurts: Absurdity as an Artistic Method
Gabriele Jutz

The Abstracted Real: Speculations on Experimental Animated Documentary
Max Hattler

AYAH - Sign: Collaborative Digital Art With The Grenfell Communities
Oliver Mag Gingrich, Sara Choudhrey

Dance, Long Exposure and Drawing: An Absurd Manifesto about the Female Body
Zeynep Akcay

C: (Maintenance) Animation is a Drag: It takes all the f****** time*
Orla Mc Hardy

Autoethnographic Animation and The Metabolism of Trauma: A Multimethod Investigation
Susan Young

Shades of Invisibility
Sally Pearce

Full issue available here.