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Universidade Lusófona

Vol. 7 No. 1 (2022)

GEECT Transversal Entanglement - Artistic Research in Film

Publication: October 2022


Gesa Marten, Jyoti Mistry

A Pile Of Ghosts: A Cinematic Heterotopia of Spectral Urbanization
Ella Raidel

Reenactment as Social Action: The Making of Encierro
Arturo Delgado Pereira

The Blod Method: Case Study of an Artistic Research Project in Film
Kersti Grunditz Brennan, Annika Boholm

Reflections Around Comic Gaze: From the Female Gaze in the early years of Cinema to the Performance Servitudes, By Jesper Just
Samantha da Silva Diefenthaeler, Carla Cerqueira

The Cinema of Extractions: Film as Infrastructure for (Artistic?) Research
Kristoffer Gansing

Positions and Perspectives on Artistic Research in Film
Gesa Marten, Jyoti Mistry

Full issue available here.