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Universidade Lusófona

Early Career Scholars Group

In 2023, CICANT officially launched the Early Career Scholars (ECSs) initiative. Recognising the importance of fostering a diverse and collaborative research environment, CICANT has outlined a 3-year plan to integrate ECSs into our scientific routines seamlessly.
The ECSs group welcomes PhD students and individuals with PhDs obtained within the last five years. Additionally, recognising the relevance of internationalisation in CICANT's mission, we extend this initiative to visiting researchers, whether they are doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, or others.

The main goals of the Early Career Scholars Group are:

Promoting Diversity:
At CICANT, diversity is a catalyst for innovation. By welcoming ECSs into our scientific routines, we embrace various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This inclusivity enriches our research endeavours, nurtures creativity, and introduces fresh approaches to the challenges we tackle.

Encouraging Collaboration:
Collaboration is at the heart of groundbreaking research. Involving ECSs in our scientific routines is a deliberate strategy to foster collaboration between experienced researchers and emerging scholars. Promoting these synergies aims to generate new research outputs, ranging from co-authored publications to joint projects, and strengthen our position at the forefront of cutting-edge research.

Promoting Peer Support and Mentorship:
Our commitment to ECSs extends beyond collaboration. Through mentorship, experienced researchers guide and support early career researchers in their professional journey, accelerating their skill development and strengthening their confidence. Simultaneously, peer support within the ECS community fosters a sense of camaraderie, providing opportunities for collaborative learning and knowledge building. This dual approach aims to empower early career researchers, helping them successfully navigate the challenges of early career research.

Building Capacity for the Future:
Early career scholars represent the future of research. By integrating them into CICANT's scientific routines, we intend to actively contribute to building the capacity of the next generation of researchers. This long-term investment is crucial for the sustained growth of research centres and the continual advancement of scientific knowledge.

CICANT's 3-Year Plan:
Our 3-year Plan is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for early career scholars, offering networking opportunities, collaboration avenues, and skill-building initiatives. This timeframe allows for thoughtful planning, execution, and evaluation of the activities, ensuring a dynamic response to evolving needs and circumstances.