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Universidade Lusófona

Early Visual Media Lab

The Early Visual Media Lab is a cross-disciplinary research lab focused on the study and digital mediation of visual media heritage. Our mission is to build a new understanding of historical visual media through digital technologies.

Heritage accessibility and contextualization are the main concerns of our collaboration with museums and media archives for the creation of innovative online databases and for the curation and reuse of digitized collections. Our research projects have been dedicated to the creation of museum interfaces, namely using virtual reality, and to the production of catalogues raisonnés with comprehensive pictures of the work of 19th and 20th-century photographers by combining their collections kept in different institutions and by linking them with different media objects. Drawing on one of CICANT’s core areas of expertise, the Early Visual Media Lab combines a pedagogical and a research mission by providing resources (databases, digital archives, publications, museum interfaces) aimed at increasing both the integration of old media within the university’s curricula and the public access to this visual legacy.