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Universidade Lusófona

José Gomes Pinto

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Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

José Gomes Pinto holds a Ph.D in Philosophy: Aesthetics and Art Theory (Salamanca University, Faculty of Philosophy: Summa Cum Laude and Best Dissertation Award in 2002). He teaches in the School of Arts, Architecture, Arts and Information Technologies at Lusophona University, Lisbon and at Lusophona University of Oporto, Portugal. In 2016 is had accomplished his Habilitation in Communication Sciences at Minho University with a report on Media Theory (Approved by unanimity).

He is Vice-Dean ECATI, ULHT since 2012. He is Invited Professor at Fine Arts Faculty, Lisbon University, Master in Communication Design and New Media, since 2012. He taught as a guest Professor at Salamanca University, Spain, and Évora University, Portugal.

He is the Head of a PhD Program in ‘Media Art’. In 2007 he was a visiting post-doctoral fellow at Humboldt University, Faculty of Philosophy, Medienwissenschaft Seminar, under the supervision of Prof. Friedrich A. Kittler.

He is also a Vice-President of the Portuguese National Association of Communication.


2016: Tenure in Communication Sciences - Media Theory. Universidade do Minho. Portugal

2002: PhD in Philosophy, Science and History, with a specialization in Aesthetics and Art Theory. Universidade de Salamanca. Spain

1997: Postgraduate Degree in Educational Training in Philosophy

1995: Bachelor's Degree in Philsophy. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Portugal.