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Universidade Lusófona

Célia Quico

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Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

Celia Quico,  PhD in Communication Sciences, is a professor and researcher at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias since 2009. Main areas of interest are immersive media, interactive media, media literacy, ocean literacy, digital heritage, sustainable and creative tourism. Celia Quico teaches in the following graduate courses: Cinema and Video, Communication Sciences and Sound Sciences. Also, she is teacher of the master degree course KinoEyes and PhD courses Communications Sciences and Media Art and Communication. Since 2021, Celia is co-coordinator of MeLCi Lab: Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab, a laboratory of CICANT leaded by Maria José Brites and also so-coordinated by Manuel Pita.

Célia Quico currently participates in following research projects: "FilmEU" (101004047, EPP-EUR-UNIV-202), "LusófonAtiva" (ILIND/2020), MuSEAum (LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-029755), "YouNDigital: Youth, News and Digital Citizenship" (PTDC/COM-OUT/0243/2021) and "Curiositas: Peeping Before Virtual Reality" (PTDC/COM-OUT/4851/2021). Recent finished projects include "Nazaré Imersiva" (CICANT/ILIND/2019), in which she was Principal Investigator (PI).

Before, Celia joined the teams of the international projects "ReThink – Before Act: Alternative Narratives to Violent Extremism" (EU-ISFP, 2018-2020), "MigratED - Migrations and human rights enhanced through technology in Education" (Erasmus +, 2018-2020), "ResponSEAble - Supporting the development of cost-effective ocean literacy in Europe" (H2020, 2015-2018), "In_Nova MusEUm – Museums comes back to the locals through art and food (2016-2018), funded by EU. Also, she coordinated and co-authored the research project "ADOPT_DTV: Barriers to digital television adoption in the context of the digital switchover", and iDTV-SAÚDE: iDTV-HEALTH: “Inclusive services to promote health and well-being via interactive digital television”, both financed by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

In 2008, Celia Quico obtained her PhD in Communication Sciences, in the area of Interactive and Audiovisual Media, by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with a thesis about young people and their usage of media and information and communication technologies in the current media convergence context in Portugal.

Previously, Celia worked as a project manager in the areas of IDTV and multimedia for the largest pay-TV operator in Portugal ZON TV Cabo, from November 2000 until February 2009. As a project manager in TV Cabo, she collaborated as a consultant for Portugal Telecom corporate social responsibility initiative PT Escolas, which promoted digital literacy among Portuguese young people. 


2008: . PhD in Communication Sciences. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Portugal.

2000: Master’s Degree. Interactive and Audiovisual Media. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Portugal.

1995: Bachelor's Degree. Communication Sciences. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Portugal.