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Universidade Lusófona
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Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

Inês Gil completed her PhD in Esthétiques, sciences et technologies des arts in 2002 by Université Paris 8, She published her PhD on Cinematographic Atmosphere in 2005 by Edições Gulbenkian. She obtained a Masters in Esthétiques, sciences et technologies des arts in 1996 by Université Paris 8 and a Degree in Conservation and Restoration Cultural Heritage (Cinematographic and Photographic) in 1994 by the Centre National du Patrimoine (IFROA). Read full bio here.


2002:  PhD in Cinema. Université Paris 8. France.

1999: Master’s Degree in Art History. Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Portugal.

1994: Bachelor's Degree in Preservation. Institut Français de Restauration. France.

Main research interests

Film Heritage, Scientific Cinema, Communication and Education, Documentary, Visual Culture