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Universidade Lusófona

Vanessa Rodrigues

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Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

Documentarian, researcher, independent journalist, writer, university professor and educator in Media Literacy and Journalism. I am particularly active in the areas of media and films’ production, namely documentary, journalism and communication for development.

As a film director, I have in pre-production the documentary "The Sand Spellbound" (Real Ficção & Sabina Filmes), to be shot in Mozambique with ICA support, and the short film "Unidentified Society", selected in 2021 for Arché (Porto Post/Doc Film Festival). I independently directed and produced in Brazil the feature length documentary Land’s Baptism (2017, 90'). In 2013, I researched and co-wrote the feature "Remember Us" about Palestinian refugees in Jordan, where I lived. I am also a freelance journalist and I was a correspondent for radio TSF and Diário de Notícias in São Paulo, Brazil (2005-2010). 

In 2017 and 2022, I obtained the ACEP and Camões journalistic creation grant for multimedia reporting first in Mozambique, and then on the archipelago of Bijagós, in Guinea-Bissau. In the past I was also one of the fellows of Fundação Luso-Americana/ the Committee of Concerned Journalists in Washington D.C. for the Course the Elements of Journalism. I am the author of “Ala Feminina” (Desassossego, 2018), a book about women in prison.


2021: PhD Studies in Communication for Development (Universidade Lusófona)

2017: Specialization in Documentary Dramaturgy (Escuela de Cine Y Tv de Cuba, San Antonio de los Baños)

2013: Master in Information and Journalism (ICS - Universidade do Minho)

2007: Post-Graduation in Documentary (Academia Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo, Brazil)

2003: Degree in Journalism (Escola Superior de Jornalismo do Porto, Portugal)