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Universidade Lusófona

Fuad Halwani

Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

Fuad is a Lebanese scriptwriter, media producer and published doctoral researcher at Universidade Lusófona (ULHT) in Lisbon whose research focuses on Shadow Narratives in media art. Fuad has been in the media sector as an academic and practitioner since his graduation in 2011 from the Lebanese American University (LAU) with a BA in Communication Arts. Between 2009-2017, Fuad was a highschool media instructor as well as a scriptwriter at Scenario Beirut and development producer at Cinemoz where he wrote the miniseries RabihTV (2018) in addition to other TV and film projects. In 2019, he earned his Erasmus+ MA in Screenwriting from KinoEyes where completed his thesis dissertation on the TV anti-hero. In 2019, he was part of the Middle East Media Initiative (MEMI) TV writing workshop in LA, USA. Fuad’s research/practice explores ‘shadow narrativity’ in new media forms of storytelling (graphic novel, transmedia, and podcast) via the Tawūs storyworld.