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Universidade Lusófona

Sasa Diefenthaeler

Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

Samantha da Silva Diefenthaeler (Itaituba, Brazil, 1990) holds a double degree in Journalism from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS (Brazil) and the Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), and a Master's degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where she is currently developing her Ph.D. thesis, focused on the comic representation of women throughout the history of cinema. She is a pre-doctoral researcher in training at the university departments of the Catalan university system (FI SDUR), linked to the CINEMA research group and the project "Representations of feminine desire in Spanish cinema during the Franco era: the evolution of the actress's gesture in the face of censorship coercion" (CSO2017-83083-P).