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Universidade Lusófona

Vicky Choez Game

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Media Society and Literacies

Vicky Choez Game is a passionate educator, communicator, and digital tool user. She is an engineer in Production and Production in Multimedia Arts, a Master's degree in Journalism with a mention in Digital Journalism, and is currently a third-year doctoral student in Communication at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

Vicky has 10 years of experience as a university lecturer in web development and digital communication. For 7 years, she was the director of the web and communications department of the TV and radio channel of the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil, where she created the digital and web identity of the media, generated content for the digital platforms, and trained communication students for the profile of digital communicators. She also worked as a radio host for a magazine show for 3 years at HCJB2 radio station in Guayaquil.

In January 2023, Vicky took on the position of Rector of the Higher Technological Institute Liceo Cristiano in Guayaquil. In addition to leading the institution, she is heading projects related to the quality assurance of technical education.

Vicky's doctoral thesis aims to make visible how communication can intervene in the resolution of conjunctural situations that affect society, making use of the current available tools. Her approach is associated with the analysis of campaigns against child violence and the creation of a tool that allows identifying the best factors for these processes and that provide the best results in a communicative cycle with this purpose.

Vicky is a strong believer in collaborative work and learning. As a doctoral student, she is currently integrating CICANT for the development of her doctoral research stay. She has found this to be a great learning experience.