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Universidade Lusófona


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Start / End

04/01/2021 – 30/06/2022

Funding (Total)


Funding Programme

Seedfunding ILIND


Past Projects

Leading Partner

José Carlos Neves (Lusófona University)

Associação LUDUS

Glossário Inclusivo de Termos Matemáticos//Inclusive Glossary of Mathematical Terms

This project aims to promote the inclusion of deaf children in pre-school through a bilingual glossary accessible to deaf and hearing people. This first prototype integrates 20 to 30 fundamental mathematical terms in a form of a bilingual hybrid (digital & tangible) game aimed at deaf and hearing children of preschool and 1st year of basic education; will be a combination of physical pieces with LGP video and graphics animation correspondence, that will be visible on a mobile phone or/and in a stand-alone physical object. The project has as its starting point a rudimentary glossary in Power Point format developed in the past by LUDUS and CED - Jacob Rodrigues Pereira for use by teachers at this school. Moreover, GIM has the following objectives:

- Produce and validate an useful, fun and engaging bilingual LGP glossary-game prototype for the preschool and 1st year of basic education, that can be adopted by educators, children and families of deaf children;

- Contribute to improve the conditions of learning mathematics in deaf students, as well as their educational inclusion;

- Produce and validate an instrument for difference awareness to be used in regular schools;

- Establish the bases for future funding applications that allow the project to scale up in terms of glossary improvement and expansion, evaluation sample, as well as its dissemination in the deaf community and Reference Schools for Bilingual Education of Deaf Students (EREBAS).

- Introduce international partnerships based on a transnational problem.


José Carlos Neves