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Universidade Lusófona




Project Reference


Start / End

31/10/2018 - 30/04/2021

Funding (Total)

30 000,00€

Funding Programme

Programa Academias Gulbenkian do Conhecimento

Leading Partner

Maria José Brites (Lusófona University)

DiCi-Educa - Factors for Promoting Dialogue and Healthy Behaviors in Online School Communities.

Co-funded by the Gulbenkian Knowledge Academies, the project “Educational centers with digital and civic skills” – DiCi-Educa aims to improve the civic and media skills of young people (14-18 years old) institutionalized in Educational Centers (CE) of the Directorate-General for Reinsertion and Prison Services (DGRSP).

In particular, it aims to provide and articulate adaptability skills to the use of digital in relation to the surrounding context at the level of: communication, creative thinking and problem solving.

We favor collaborative work and learning to learn to help young people to better position themselves within the EC and return to life in society.

We propose to use the media in conjunction with social thematic components. The promotion of skills crossed with other personal and social skills are essential elements in the lives of these young people and in their reintegration into a heavily mediated society.

COFAC is the coordinating entity of the project, which was developed by our research unit CICANT, and has DGRSP as a direct partner. The team includes Maria José Brites (Lusófona University of Porto), Daniel Catalão (Lusófona University of Porto), Teresa Sofia Castro (ICNOVA – NOVA Communication Institute), Vera Duarte (University Institute of Maia), Vanessa Ribeiro (Lusófona University from Porto), Nélio Brasão (Lusófona University) and Fernando Catarino (Lusófona University).