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Universidade Lusófona


Project Reference


Start / End

10/01/2020 - 31/12/2021

Funding (Total)

122 716,00€

Funding Programme

Preparatory Action – Media Literacy for All


Past Projects

Leading Partner

Maria José Brites (Lusófona University)

Pontydysgu SL

DKMK – Association for Communication and Media Culture

IMEC – Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum vzw

UT – Tartu Ülikool

ERYICA – Agence Européenne pour L’information et le Conseil des Jeunes

SMaRT-EU - Social Media Resilience Toolkit.

Information and knowledge have never been as valuable as they are today. Thanks to the evolution of media and, specifically, digital media, information is now more immediate, infinitely shareable and self-generating. However, looking at the other side of the coin, these aspects mean that information and knowledge have never been as dangerous for citizenship as they are today. Immediacy can result in a low level of information processing; the possibility of infinite sharing can lead to mutations in the original information; and the capacity for self-generation can lead to situations of misinformation. Therefore, there is still a great need to study and reflect on digital environments and to discuss disinformation and the dangers associated with it.

The SMaRT-EU project aims to provide tools, suggestions and resources to train young people, older adults and educators to be more resilient to misinformation and fake news. With a main focus on social media and the phenomenon of fake news, the project seeks to create a repository and new materials related to critical engagement with media, especially social media, that are usable by the targeted end-user groups. This repository collects materials, in a systematised way, targeted at each of the end-user groups and related to the three main themes covered by the project. In turn, the new materials developed by the project team aim to provide useful and easily usable content for ordinary citizens or in diverse educational contexts.

In addition, the project will also carry out workshops on fake news, critical agency for social media and media for civic agency on a local level with young people and older adults. The aim is to empower participants in critical and agentive media literacy, by addressing pressing media literacy and civic engagement themes.