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01/04/ 2021 - 30/09/2022

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Carla Rodrigues Cardoso

IM Lab (Intersectionality Media Lab) - The Joacine Katar Moreira Case study

This project aims to analyse the media coverage of the first six months of the parliamentary term of Joacine Katar Moreira, the first racialized woman, head of the list of a political party in Portugal, covering her initial path, first as representative elected for the LIVRE party, then as non-attached member. 

The goal is that this project be the first contribution for the creation of the IM Lab - Intersectionality Media Lab, integrated in ReLeCo Media Society and Literacies of CICANT. The study of intersectionality is deemed “relevant as a way of approaching the media construction of the society and its impacts on the deconstruction or sedimentation of power relations, in the individuals’ experiences and subjectivities” (Cerqueira e Magalhães, 2017: 15). The purpose is that IM Lab stands as a specialized academic laboratory, engaged with the production and dissemination of knowledge, in line with the objectives of CICANT, which may become an enriching partner of the existing MeLCi Lab



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