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CIAKL II is a research and business project on entrepreneurship and innovation in the realm of film, media and arts training in Europe. The main objectives of this project are to reinforce entrepreneurship as a relevant subject in the domains of arts and media disciplines; to introduce the teaching of entrepreneurship at the higher education level, to bridge the gap between art’s skill sets and business skills sets, to create a cross European network of schools and organizations focused on promoting entrepreneurship teaching and research and in reinforcing the linkage between training and the promotion of new business and activities in the areas of the creative industries.

By focusing on film teaching and learning, the CIAKL II project seeks to address both schools and the film and media production industry in general identified need for the provision of training that introduces business and entrepreneurship oriented skills as a key part of training in this area. It also addresses the clear need for collaborative solutions that promote the matching between companies’ needs and student’s projects, through universities platforms and in a knowledge and competencies transfer, hence bridging the gap between creative and innovative content and approaches being developed at schools and industrial project development practices.

The expected results of this project are an objective and measurable increase of the integration of academic and professional skills produced and empowered by a platform of innovative collaboration in the realm of film, media and arts training in Europe, an increase in teachers and staff mobility between consortium organizations, the production and dissemination of teaching materials on entrepreneurship and innovation between consortium members, the actual provision of b-learning based training and the design of dedicated curricula and content.



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