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University Texas Austin

This project builds on past research on redundant communication and tests how these principles work in physical activity messages delivered to dialysis patients in the US and Portugal.

We will use existing digital media materials from the Portugal team as the content for this intervention. To create the parallel content to deliver to the US audience, we will translate the Portugal digital materials into English and create videos. We will also create paper brochures for the English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking patients that contain similar content to the videos. After delivering repeated messages through digital media and paper brochures, we will assess the impact on health outcomes including increases in physical activity.

Principal Investigators:

  • Keri K. Stephens, PhD – Department of Communication Studies, UT Austin;
  • Manuel José Damásio, PhD – School of Communication, Arts and Information Technologies, Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies.

Team Members:

  • Yaguang Zhu, doctoral student – Department of Communication Studies, UT Austin

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