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Universidade Lusófona




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01-01-2022 31-12-2024

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Carla Cerqueira (Universidade Lusófona)

Movimentos feministas glocais: interações e contradições - Glocal feminist movements: interactions and contradictions.

The FEMglocal project stems from the lack of international research on the connection between digital networked action and feminist movements, which have been emerging in not always foreseen bursts, taking on a glocal dimension (global and local). These flows between the global and the local, the digital and the face-to-face pose challenges to feminist movements that need to be understood through a situational approach.

Taking into account the interactions and contradictions between global and local activisms, and rooted in digital communication and in the national context, this project aims to i) frame the current Portuguese feminism vis-à-vis global feminism, but also in relation to local feminisms; ii) understand its genealogy, size and geographical distribution; iii) understand the relationship between institutional organizations and between these and informal collectives; iv) analyse the movement's communication strategies – organizations and collectives; v) study the methods of mobilization and collective action; vi) examine the media visibility of global feminist movements; vii) understand how Portuguese collectives are arranged as a social movement due to observed volatility in the way they appear and disappear. 


Carla Cerqueira 

Célia Taborda



Ana Sofia Pereira

Andreia Pinto de Sousa

Camila Lamartine

Daniel Cardoso

Daniela Drummond

Isabel Babo

Manuela Tavares

Maria João Cunha

Maria José Brites

Priscilla Domingos

Rui Cruz

Sofia Caldeira

Sónia Lamy

Vanessa Rodrigues


Kaitlynn Mendes

Maria João Silveirinha

Stefania Milan

Tina Askanius


Diogo Carvalho

Tatiana Dias