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Final Conference - Summer with Science: challenges, sharing and learning

Under the "Summer with Science 2022" initiative, funded by FCT, four UI&Ds from ULHT were awarded with funding to develop scientific initiation activities with young higher education students during September. A total of sixteen research initiation scholarships were financed.

Researchers and grant holders of these four UI&Ds, CeiED, CICANT, CopeLabs, and HEI-Lab, joined to hold a conference entitled "Summer with Science: challenges, sharing and learning", to sign the end of the activities developed. This event will take place on September 29th, at 14h30, in the Agostinho da Silva Auditorium and aims to share with all the academic community of ULHT how the experiences lived in the context of ongoing research projects contribute to the development of skills of the grantees and stimulate the innovation of interdisciplinary practices developed through transversal cooperation between the research units.



14.30 | Opening Session

Summer with Science Coordinators

CeiED, CICANT, CopeLabs, HEI-Lab

15.30 | Young Researchers: challenges, sharing, and learning

16.30 | Summer With Science unfoldings

17.00 | Closing


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