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Media Literacy Day - CICANT researcher interviewed by Público

Maria José Brites, professor at Universidade Lusófona and researcher at CICANT, talked with the newspaper Público on the occasion of Media Literacy Day. The researcher underlined the importance of media literacy competencies in today's context, deeply marked by digital media and the challenges they bring to citizens' information and understanding.  Maria José Brites also pointed out that in recent decades a great deal of work has been done at the national level to promote media literacy skills. This work and investment are reflected in the country's position at the European level in the Media Literacy Index 2022 - 14th place. The full article is available in the print edition of the Público newspaper and website.

Portugal is in 14th place at the European level

According to the report How It Started, How It is Going: Media Literacy Index 2022 edited by the European Policies Initiative (EuPI) of the Open Society Institute – Sofia -, Portugal is among the countries in Cluster 2, in the 14th place. The report assessed a total of 41 countries, considering the resilience potential of fake news in 41 European countries, using indicators for media freedom, education, and trust in people. The full report is available here.




  • published 22 November 2022
  • modified 22 November 2022

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